Integrated into the major fintech companies of Istanbul

Traditional vs Data Driven

Comparing marketing methods

Traditional Marketing




Data Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Answers

Automated Processes

Simple Interfaces

Benefits of Loyalty Platform

Multinet using Parantez Loyalty Platform

Increase Network Benefits
Increase Basket Size
Active New Customers
Keep Them Alive and Active
Create Awareness

How the system works?

Parantez Loyalty and Campaign Management Platform


We process your data every second – which we do 10 million transaction every month.


Analyze each data point in the system,  segments it – with your own rules.


Anyone can create campaigns with simple and informative, step by step interface.


Users get rewarded automatically in seconds and starts effecting EBITA while generating loyalty.


Every campaign effectiveness and budget gets measured and reported in the end of each campaign.

Mobile Apps Meets Loyalty

Award winning mobile platform lets you easily win cashback with different types of campaigns.

There is no effective, reliable way for businesses to run campaigns focused on increasing EBITA.

Our aim is to integrate our platform for loyalty. Contact us, we will find your solution.

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